L’Atelier est Mort, VIVE l’Atelier!

L’Atelier est Mort, Vive l’Atelier! takes the proposition of the studio as the site of the artwork’s original context. The studio can be taken here as a metaphor, an ephemeral or multi-dimensional place far more difficult to define than a room with canvases and coffee cups, and equally hard to define as the work that takes place within it. This proposition has been embodied in a newsprint poster-book in which seven artists were commissioned to create a poster in response to the question ‘where is your work’, while thirty artists were asked the question ‘what is your studio’.

L’Atelier est Mort, Vive l’Atelier!
Edited by Karin Kihlberg and Reuben Henry
Designed by Ziga Testen and Nina Støttrup-Larsen
With posters by Nina Beier / David Blandy / Ruth Buchanan / Ellie Harrison / Kelly Mark / Nicholas Matranga / Richard Peel
Contributing texts by Henrik Schrat / Theo Cowley / Leo Fitzmaurice / Manuel Saiz / Dora Garcia / Johan Grimonprez / Dave Beech / Shezad Dawood / Christoph Draeger / Ania Bas / Guy Ben-Ner / Franciois Lemieux / Chirs+Kier / John Hammersley / Sans Facon / Avigail Moss / Ayling & Conroy / Reactor / Jiri Kovanda / Marjolijn Dijkman / The Centre of Attention / Caroline Pekle / Jon Brunberg / Ivan and Heather Morrison / Tercerunquinto / Edward Clydesdale Thomson / Grog Cox / Elizabeth Rowe / Wolfgang Fütterer / Kelly Large / Gustave P Homerton / Eleni Kamma / Gallery of Owls / Jaques Nimik / Dieuwertje Komen / Simon and Tom Bloor / Peter Johanson & Barbro Westling / Eric Van Hove.
Published by Springhill Institute 2009
420 x 290mm 30 pages B&W Newsprint
ISBN 978-0-9556107-1-4 / £6

Distributed by Printed Matter – New York
Available at X Marks the Bökship – London