The INFRA playing cards result from a two-year research project with Vision Forum, which explored various aspects of interconnectivity. The deck contains designs by Anna Gritz, Kihlberg & Henry, Aura Satz, Fatos Ustek and Ian Whittlesea. The cards reference various elements of the Vision Forum project and propose the possibility of the formation of a game, a gamble or a reading. You can read more about the INFRA project here.

Edited by Anna Gritz and Fatos Ustek.
With contributions by Kihlberg & Henry, Aura Satz, Ian Whittlesea, Anna Gritz and Fatos Ustek.
Designed by Goda Budvytyté.
Published by Date Published by Vision Forum 2014.
92 x 68mm 52 pages Colour/B&W Deck of Cards.
ISBN 978-91-980725-3-2