Collaborative Research Project
Initiated by Anna Gritz and Fatos Ustek
Participating artists included Aura Satz, Ian Wittlesea, Kihlberg & Henry

Press Release

INFRA is an artistic research project devised by Anna Gritz & Fatos Ustek, inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s observations on the infra-mince. Following Duchamp, the group composed of Karin Kihlberg & Reuben Henry, Aura Satz and Ian Whittlesea approach the INFRA as something that cannot be captured through definition, but solely through examples. INFRA sets out to allow apparently unrelated subjects to rub shoulders in order to evaluate how, if at all, subjects foreign to one’s habitual research interests can be informative and inspiring. The project questions how much knowledge one can glean about a foreign discipline from an occasional sit-in, and what overarching patterns can be recognised between the various fields and methodologies encountered throughout the course of the project.

INFRA is structured around a series of encounters that make use of the surplus produced by the current academic and educational landscape, by arranging an occasional and self-organised syllabus. These encounters can take on a plethora of forms such as a lecture on statistics and astrophysics, a meeting with mystics, learning how to dance5Rhythms or how to play GO. Through sitting in on existing courses at Universities, Colleges and other formats of experience and knowledge-genesis, the group aims to study the INFRA through a selective focus.

INFRA appropriated the format of the sit-in as a strategy that functions as a stumbling stone, a disruption in the flow of a given scenario, through claiming space and access to otherwise exclusive environments. It proposes a form of access that generates an interdisciplinary exchange and that slows down the accelerated mode of learning prevalent today. This allows for investigations on the margins of the beaten academic track and promotes an integral approach to research and browsing that opens wide the possibility of discovery, chance and encountering the unexpected.

INFRA has settled comfortably in the folds of the academy, nourished by the crumbs and leftovers of its efficiency-driven overproduction. Through diverting some of its efforts to our benefit, the project hopes to generate an inspiring climate that expands the reference points available to artists and researchers.

Supported by Linköping University, Sweden and Vision Forum