The Order of Things

The Order of Things
HD Video 1080p, 5.1 Audio
Duration 30 min

In what might be considered a natural history for buildings, The Order of Things depicts the world’s largest half marathon from the perspective of a society of sentient architectures and man-made structures. These sentient structures, intoxicated by the delusions of consciousness, depict themselves as biological, evolved beings. In turn they present the mass of runners as a sort of geological event, caused through the laws of thermodynamics rather than free will. However it is through senses borrowed from long-distance runners in a state of rhythmic trance that the sentient structures encounter themselves, their observations distorted by the changing psychological state of humans pushing their physical limits.

Linking the psychology of long distance running to the perception of architecture, the flow of the film forges a surreal journey through the abstract formalism of the urban landscape of North-East England, and forms an unwitting ode to the industrial design of its road and motorway system.

The work is presented with a publication designed by An Endless Supply which intersects the work with its research process.

Original Score by Bernard Falaise
With the voice of John Woodvine
Filmed on location in Newcastle, Gateshead and South Shields, UK
Commissioned by Great North Run Culture
Distributed by Filmform The Art Film & Video Archive in Stockholm.