Inbindable Volume

Inbindable Volume
Three-Channel HD Video 1080p
Duration 15 min

Inbindable Volume is a three-channel video installation filmed in Birmingham’s iconic Central Library (John Madin 1974), the city’s most infamous example of Brutalist architecture. The work is an exploration of the journey between conception and materialisation, both in architecture and books, and what becomes of ideologies after they have been realised in material form. With a rhythmic and textural visual grammar, the work is driven by the voice of an omnipresent narrator describing the lifespan of the building from commencement to abandonment through an unsettling text alternating between past, present and future tense.

With the voice of Larry Rew.
Commissioned by VIVID and supported by Arts Council England Touring, The Henry Moore Foundation, Birmingham Cultural Partnerships, Jan van Eyck Academie.

The video installation was first shown at VIVID along with a publication by James Langdon.