12 April – 30 June 2011
ArtSway, Hampshire, UK

Press release

ArtSway is please to present Apeirophobia, an exhibition of new work by artists Karin Kihlberg & Reuben Henry. ‘Apeirophobia’ means a fear of the future – a phobia that compels sufferers to plan every element of their lives so that they know exactly what the future has in store for them.

Apeirophobia is one part of an international touring programme of new work commissioned in collaboration with VIVID and Danielle Arnaud – with the exhibition at ArtSway featuring works from each stage of the tour. These works explore Kihlberg & Henry’s ongoing interest in the condition of the viewer in time and space. The new installation work commissioned for ArtSway, Apeirophobic Framework, explores the role of the viewer within the gallery space through installation and video. Installed in the gallery is a film or theatre set, representing the gallery itself, replacing the space with a replica. A scripted conversation filmed in the set adopts the format of ArtSway’s front-of-house interpretation video, with the normal artist interview being replaced by a scripted and staged conversation between Kihlberg & Henry and ArtSway’s Curator. This film-set is both a structure for the display of artwork and a platform for its own documentation.

Other works in the exhibition include Inbindable Volume, a three-channel video work, commissioned by VIVID and filmed at Birmingham’s soon to be demolished Brutalist central library; Abandon in Place, commissioned by Danielle Arnaud, is a sculptural object cast in concrete and meteorite, suggestive both of Birmingham’s Central Library and the Apollo 1 launch site, and Acting Dead is the title of a series of portrait drawings of actors playing dead in popular feature films. These works suggest a dismantling of linear narratives, such as cinematic narrative or architectural narrative – themes that run throughout Kihlberg & Henry’s work.

Apeirophobia is part of an international touring programme of new works by Kihlberg & Henry commissioned in collaboration with VIVID, Birmingham, Danielle Arnaud, London and ArtSway, with a further exhibition at Galleri BOX, in Gothenburg. The tour is funded by Arts Council England, the Henry Moore Foundation and Birmingham Cultural Partnership.